March 2020 – Jamel rockt den Förster

Also Jamel rockt den Förster or as Bela B. put it “Germany’s most important Festival” will not take place in 2020 and therefore it will be the first time in many years that we will not be able to produce the festival film.
During this pandemic we should not forget the threat from right wing politicians, populists and activists. Here is our Festival film of 2019 with Max Herre, Samy Deluxe, Feine Sahne Fischfilet and many more.

August 2018 – Jamel rockt den Förster with Herbert Grönemeyer and others

For the forth time we filmed the most important german music festival, as Die Ärzte Drummer Bela B. called it.
Birgit and Horst Lohmeyer us this festival to stand up against the extreme right wing neighbors in their village Jamel.
This year we filmed performances and interviews with Herbert Grönemeyer, Bosse, Casper & Marteria, Kettcar, Antilopen Gang and many more.

July 2018 – Yungblud portrait

If we had to name the most interesting young britsh act it would certainty be Yungblud.
He is fresh, has strong political opinions in times of Brexit and he is not afraid to shout them out loud.
We spent some time with him in Berlin, used all kinds of old cameras to film him
and are very happy with the result: an energetic portrait of somebody who might become the voice of his generation.

Winter 2017 – Naika accoustic session

Naika was born in Miami, Florida and has absorbed all kinds of musical styles and made them her own.
We were lucky enough to spend some time with her to set up a filmed acoustic session
and are 100% sure that soon it will be impossible to get her great tunes out of everybody’s heads.
Her caribbean vibe will help all of us to get through wintertime and into the summer of 2018!

February 2017 – Milky Chance EPK

Milky Chance have done what very few german acts have managed to do: a worldwide breakthrough.
They are touring all over the planet, are big in the USA, in Australia
and we even heard their songs in rural Sri Lankan villages. They are really a global phenomenon.
So we were very pleased, that they took the time and asked us to film their EPK for the upcoming album Blossom.

December 2016 – Helene Fischer – Abbey Road performance and TV commercials

Once again we have worked with Helene Fischer and we did so at a very special place:
we went to London’s Abbey Road studios and set up a session with Helene and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
and we are very proud of the outcome: the performance of five songs (one of them a duet with Elvis Presley!)
and the complete television add campaign for her christmas album.

December 2016 – Rolling Stones trailer

We have a constant dispute wether the Rolling Stones (Martin) or the Beatles (Marc) are the greatest of them all.
However, it may only be Rock n Roll, but we like it very much and we both felt honored to have been involved
in the Rolling Stones’ „Blue & Lonesome“ campaign with a trailer for Universal Music
(and as we also went to film in Abbey Road studios the same week – see above – our controversy was dissolved into general happiness anyway…)

August 2016 – Jamel Festival with Die Ärzte, Madsen, Fettes Brot against Nazis

Like 2015 we again went to Jamel to support this amazing festival
in their fight against right wing extremism. Since 10 years Birgit and Horst Lohmeyer
organize a great weekend of musicians standing strong
and being loud against the Nazi-neighbors in their village.
This years acts included Die Ärzte, our old friends Madsen, Fettes Brot, Bela B. and many more.

August 2016 – Inside Universal Film

It has become something like a Jour Fixe: for seven years in a row Daniel Lieberberg
and his team asked us to produce a film for the Universal inside event and the whole thing has become bigger and bigger.
After reenacting several Hollywood blockbusters starring the Capitol/Vertigo and Polydor/Island team
we have been inspired by Carpool Karoke and filmed Daniel driving around Berlin with Sido, Bosse, Clueso,
Alma, Boss Hoss, Lena and many more. With some of them we have worked many times before and it was a blast once again…

August 2015 – Jamel Festival with Die Toten Hosen

In times of increasing Neonazi violence it was our deeply felt wish to support the festival „Jamel rockt den Förster“.
It is organized by Family Lohmeyer who are the only people in their village standing against Neonazis.
Die Toten Hosen and many other artists came and made a loud and clear statement against racism, facism and discrimination
and to support this brave festival. We are proud to have been a part of it and made a short video with some impressions.

June 2015 – ARD documentary film “30 years of Rock am Ring”

We are very proud and exited to have made a 45 minute documentary film for ARD
about „30 years of Rock am Ring“, Germany biggest music festival.
We have worked ourselves through archives and made interviews with musicians,
among them Campino, Smudo, Tom Morello, Sportfreunde Stiller, Cro, Placebo, Linkin Park, Bryan Adams
and the festival promotors Marek and Andre Lieberberg.
Receive an online link with password by sending us a mail.

March 2015 – ROCKBOTTOM filming in Turkey and Ethiopia

the story continues: we travelled to Istanbul and Addis Abeba to film two more musicians
for our long time independent documentary film “ROCKBOTTOM – Songs of no money“!
Thanks again for all the support of you crowdfunders and all the people involved!
We are thankful that you believe in the project and we will keep you updated
about the next steps! It will take a while, but there will be a film!

February 2015 – Hannes Wader

Hannes Wader is one of Germany’s most important political songwriters.
He has been one of the 1968’s voices, selling out concerts for more then 40 years
and has been honored by a lifetime achievement ECHO Award.
We had the pleasure to create a lyric video for him
and wanted to fulfill this challenge in an unusual way.

August 2014 – Julia Kadel Trio EPK

The Blue Note logo is something like a guarantee for the finest Jazz music.
And when the legendary Don Was himself likes an album and wants
to release it, that’s really something! This is what happened to the Julia Kadel Trio
and we are happy to have accompanied their recording sessions
with our cameras and produced an EPK film. See it: here

October 2013 – PET

Our new music video for the great band PET from Berlin premiers tomorow 1st of November on Clipfish.
It´s called “Talk to you”.
One location, lots of performance shots and quite a video in the end.
Thanks to all who helped and bon chance to PET !

März 2013 – Deutsche Grammophon Conference Video

To summerize the complete repertoire of a record company in a 20 minute film is quite demanding. A job we were however very happy to do for a second time. No expense and energy spared we made a monkey of ourselves by taking inspiration for the intro from a fairly well – known film. The role of the gorilla was taken by Marc and the role of the director by Martin – teamwork once again.

März 2013 – David Garrett EPK

At sweet 13 David Garrett was the youngest artist to be put under contract with the DG. An album which he recorded at the age of 14 disappeared for half a lifetime without appearing in the archives. Finally ´14´ is released after all these years on DG.
The EPK tells the story of this album.

August 2012 – Time travel for Universal Domestic Rock

To produce an oppulent imagefilm for Domestic Rock Universal Label, we set off on a journey back to the 20′s with a black and white silent film a la ‘The Artist’.
Because our favourite cameraman Stephan Kochert is never seen in front of the camera, we gave him the role of the ‘diva’. Okay, No misunderstandings – on set he is of course in no way a diva.

Mai 2012 – New York Film & TV Festival Preis

An exciting surprise! In 2010 Martin, as cameraman, filmed the four-part Arte documentary ‘Auf den Spuren von Easyrider’ ‘On the trail of Easyrider’ and covered many highway miles in the USA. This series has just won the World Gold Medal of the New York Film and TV Festival in the category ‘Cultural Issues’.
Awesome, as they say!

April 2012 – arte documentary repeat

Shortly before Obama’s election Martin went to the USA as cameraman for MME, Hannes Rossacher and the arte series ‘Who’s Afraid of America`. They filmed two documentaries in which many artists and musicians spoke about the situation in their country. Amongst others David Lynch, (couldnt resist adding a picture) Moby and Randy Newmann. The films will be repeated on Arte on April15th and 22nd.

Februar 2012 – Caligola EPK

According to Gustaf and Bjorn from Mando Diao everybody is automatically a member of their new band, which brings creativity in music and presentation. That means we’re now in a Swedish band of rockers, as we produced the EPK for the album Back to Earth.
Cool, we’ve always (secretly) wanted to be Rock Stars!