about Neue Stereo

Neue Stereo Filmproduction A film productioncompany for everything to do with music. The common denominator between music and film… Neue Stereo Film – any time, anywhere. We shoot pictures infront and behind stage, on tour, from the studio, backstage in Germany and worldwide. Music fans want to see what’s behind the scenes, how the music develops and what moves the artists. Neue Stereo Film is visual Rock’n Roll plus the myths, plus legends and plus reality. Ten years ago Stereofilmen began co- operation with many well- known acts who wanted their own personal visual language, an authentic look which brought nearness to the artists performing, tangible and informative. The output of Neue Stereo Film today consists of music documentaries, concert films, EPKs, interviews and music videos in co-operation with Going Places Filmproduction.
Films about never ending tour life, intensive studio sessions and band and artist biographies. In the nineties Marc and Martin had their own band but didn’t manage to break onto the scene – a stroke of luck for Neue Stereo Filmproduktion.
After endless years of friendship the two experienced producers are back on stage together, having exchanged the guitars for cameras.
Marc Helfers is a German/Welsh film director living in Berlin. After studying Film and Media in Hannover came the first prize-winning documentary and films. After that he took a turn into musical TV amongst others Arte and Tracks and as executive producer for MTV productions. Then followed music videos for bands he was friendly with such as Sometree and Sportfreunde Stiller. Since then he has directed over 50 music videos, most ran very successfully and are still running. In 2010 followed the Echo nomination for the best music video (national) for Unheilig, Geboren um zu Leben. Martin Groß grew up in Hannover wanting to become a music journalist. He got closer to his goal when in 1997 he started at the music station VH1 and the production company MME where he stayed for several years. Besides numerous contributions to the Arte magazine Tracks he was responsible for long documentaries in series as ‘Music Planet’ and ‘Sample’. The last ten years he has worked as an independent director and cameraman for documentaries, working far and wide globally. The subject spectrum has widened since then and his greatest wish was to combine music and film.

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